young dancer Classes
Putting the fun in fundamentals.
Our Young Dancer (Mini) classes are a great introduction to dance and creative movement! Using games, imagery, and imagination, we teach these young dancers beginning dance terminology, body awareness, and coordination. We encourage a lifelong passion for learning through music and movement, making sure the right habits and mindset are taught as early as possible. Expect your dancer to learn the basic fundamentals and terminology for Ballet, Tumble, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip-Hop, and Tap! Class descriptions, dress code, and schedules are below. 
Tap & tumble

Tap & Tumble is a great combo class for a beginner dancer wanting to try a a couple different styles! We introduce rhythm and understanding of music through tap dance, allowing the tiny dancers to make music with their feet! The dancers also get the opportunity to learn basic tumbling skills in a fun and engaging way. 

Girls: Leotard and shorts/pants or skirt. Tan tap shoes with strap and buckle. 

Boys: Dance attire of choice. Tap shoes.


Ballet is a wonderful introduction to dance for young learners. We teach basic ballet positions and terminology using props, fun music, and games. 

Girls: Pink leotard and pink tights. Skirt optional. Pink Ballet


Boys: White tight fitted tee shirt, shorts or pants. Black Ballet shoes.


Hip-Hop is a blast for young dancers. This high energy dance style teaches basic skills and terminology with upbeat music, fun games, and practice with free-styling. 

Girls: Baggy clothing. Tennis shoes.

Boys: Baggy clothing. Tennis shoes. 


Lyrical / Ballet is a great combo class for new dancers. We teach basic ballet positions and terminology using games and props, while also introducing improvisation so the dancers start to learn to express themselves through movement. We love storytelling in this class! Through movement and sometimes even through books. 


Jazz/Ballet focuses on many of the same elements, but with more time spent with moving and learning to fun, high energy music!

Girls: Pink leotard and tights, skirt optional. Ballet shoes

Boys: White fitted tee shirt, shorts or pants. 

jazz & tumble

Jazz/Tumble is a super fun combo class for young dancers! This upbeat class is a blast. We love to use fun music, games, and props to introduce basic jazz and tumbling skills. 

Girls: Leotard and shorts/pants of skirt. Jazz shoes. 

Boys: Dance attire of choice. Jazz shoes.

We sell shoes, leotards, tights, and much more at the studios to meet all your dress-code needs! There are specific types of shoes we prefer, so please ask us at the front desk for options! 

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