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Studio Tuition

invest in your best

classes per month

Cost per class

1-2 classes
3-4 classes
5-6 classes
7-8 classes
Unlimited (9+)


$35 1st Dancer
$50 2+ Dancers

family discounts

15% off 1st sibling
25% off 2nd sibling
family max $525/month

**Tuition is due on the first of each month and is a fixed month charge. Though some months may have 3-5 classes, tuition is not affected. Charges are not a pay-by-class rate. Tuition will not be prorated due to holidays or absences. Any missed lessons may be made up by taking another class of your choosing. All make-up classes must take place within the same season. You must submit written notice (either via email or in person) in advance of the month in order to withdraw from a class without being responsible for that month's tuition.**

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