Summer Camps $110

July 19th-22nd

1pm to 3pm

July 26th-29th

1pm to 3pm

Aug 16th-19th

1pm to 3pm

MEntal health, affirmations, and goals

Company Audition prep intensive

Ballet Instensive

Tap to the movies

July 19th

6pm to 8pm

LA LA LAnd $45

Join us as we tap to La La Land! This class is is for Beginner and Intermediate Tappers 8 and up! 

Aug 2nd

6pm to 8pm

7 Brides for 7 brothers $25

It's Family Night at Element! Join us with the whole family to tap to the movies 7 Brides for 7 Brothers! 

Aug 9th

6pm to 8pm

Gene Kelly $45

Beginner tappers ages 12+ (adults welcome) come tap along to Gene Kelly!

Summer 2021

AGES 12+

Aug 16th

6pm to 8pm

Fred and ginger $45

All Intermediate and advanced Tappers ages 8 and up are welcome to come Tap to the movie Fred and Ginger! 

Video Camps $175

Aug 2nd-6th

1pm- 3:30pm

Element Beach Bash Video

Aug 9th-13th


Become a triple threat: Singing, Dancing, Acting

HIP HOP/Street Jazz $55

Aug 12th

& Aug 30th

2pm to 3pm

Dancing for film

Workshops $25

July 9th

3pm to 4pm

Tricks, Turns & LEaps

This workshop will focus on expanding our technique by taking the time to turn longer, jump higher, and master tricks to improve our level of difficulty! Beginners will focus on leg catches, heel stretches, surprise leaps, calypso's, etc. Our Int/Adv will focus on leg catch turns, switch leap variations, fouette turns, etc. 

July 23rd

3pm to 4pm

Jazz Heels

Our jazz heels workshop will give our older dancers experience moving in heels and learning to dance with anything on your feet! As dancers not only do we have to make walking and dancing in heels look (and SOUND) effortless but we need to be able to do it safely. The style will be a fusion of jazz and musical theatre and create more versatility in your dancers skills

July 30th

3pm to 4pm

Injury Prevention ages 10+

This workshop is based in Sugar Foot Therapy - a PT/prof dancer created program that focuses on fundamental exercises dancers should do in order to improve joint strength and flexibility. We push our bodies to the limit creating amazing art on stage! This program puts the sports medicine behind the beauty making your dancer stronger and safer as they challenge themselves in class and for the stage! Side: Miss Erin has been a Sugar Foot Therapy certified instructor for 3yrs now and has a background/certifications in Personal Training, corrective exercise, and Flexology as well.

Aug 6th

3pm to 4pm

Gestural Contemporary

Gestural Contemporary is a fusion between jazz, contemporary, and gestural expression stemming from the east coast. This style provides the dancer with the ability to display abstract gestures with technique to allow a new way of moving and reflecting in choreography. Gestural contemporary also helps a dancer recognize how important texture is in every move they make and how pedestrian gestures can bring people with any background together. In this class, you'll be exposed to a new way of thinking and creating. It'll challenge not only your body but your mind.

Aug 13th

3pm to 4pm

Pre-Pointe Prep

Aug 20th

3pm to 4pm

Full Pointe Class

Must attend Pre-Pointe Prep Class in order to attend.

Company Tryouts

July 31st

$15 per style

Save the date for Company Auditions!!! We are getting ready for the 2021-2022 Season and would love to have you be a part of our company!