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*It is recommended that you also take a Turns class in conjunction with Jazz for a well rounded Jazz education.*

Jazz is a high-energy dance style that develops body control, flexibility, strength, and technique, while also providing the dancer with a strong understanding of musicality in dance.


Each class begins with a strong warm-up, moves into across the floor progressions, then finishes with learning and building on a piece of choreography.


Dancers will learn and refine an array of different skills and terminology, focusing heavily on kicks, turns and leaps to build athleticism and become a dynamic mover. 


Girls: Shorts or leggings, tight fitted tank or tee. Jazz shoes required. No socks. Hair up and secured out of face.


Boys: Shorts or pants, white tank top (boys “A shirt”). Jazz shoes required. No socks.



Ballet is the foundation of all forms of dance! This class is crucial for any serious dancer who wants to progress into learning complex styles of movement.


In this class, students will learn classical Ballet positioning and alignment through exercises at the barre, center floor, and across-the-floor progressions.


Girls: Black Ballet leotard (Ballet skirt optional), pink tights, and pink Ballet shoes. Hair pulled back securely into bun. 


Boys: Shorts, white tank top (boys “A shirt”) and black Ballet shoes.



Hip-Hop+ primarily consists of Breaking, and Party Dances but has recently included developing styles like Litefeet. We refine your skills even further than the styles that make up Hip-Hop, which is why we have added the "+". The plus symbol only indicates that we cover multiple Street and Club styles, including Popping, Waving, House, and Locking—to name a few.


 We teach choreography and the fundamentals in a variety of musical genres, and our dancers learn how to be flexible in combining any combination of these styles.


Boys and Girls: Baggy (loose-fitting) clothing and sneakers.

*It is difficult to get into the feel of this form of dance while wearing any kind of tight fitting clothes/dancewear.*


Lyrical & contemporary

*Must be enrolled in a Ballet class or have extensive Ballet experience.*


Lyrical — An expressive dance style that uses Ballet and Jazz technique to express the feeling of a musical piece that's rooted in storytelling. Lyrical dance is expressive though simultaneously subtle and dynamic. It focuses on conveying musicality and emotion through movement. Class works on technical aspects, fluidity, and emotional connection while dancing. 


Contemporary — Derived from Ballet, Jazz, and Modern dance techniques, contemporary blends many styles to take risks and generate interesting and unconventional movement. Class will include heavy work in Modern dance techniques such as Graham, Horton, Release, Cunningham, and Fall and Recovery. Class will consist of center exercises and across-the-floor progressions, improving skills in complex and challenging choreography. 

Girls: Shorts or leggings, tank or tee. Paws or half soles, sometimes bare feet. Hair up and secured out of face.


Boys: Shorts or pants, white tank top (boys “A “ shirt) Paws or half soles, sometimes bare feet.



Tap improves your musicality and coordination!


This class builds basic to advanced rhythm patterns, training the dancer to understand syncopation and fundamental music structure.


Tap dance provides the opportunity to become both the dancer and the musician in one fun experience! 


Boys and Girls: Clothing that is easy to move in. Tap shoes.



Technique class refines and perfects technical elements used across a wide variety of dance styles.


Each class focuses on finding and understanding correct body alignment, gaining strength, control, and working flexibility. Dancers are challenged with intense resistance exercises/combinations to increase power and poise while building a strong grasp of  body-line and extension execution.


Class is influenced heavily in Ballet, Lyrical/Contemporary, and Jazz dance techniques. 


Girls: Shorts or leggings with tight fitted tank or tee. No shoes. Hair up and secured out of face.


Boys: Shorts, white tank top (boys “A shirt”) no shoes.



In Acro, you'll learn tumbling skills such as back bends, walk-overs, hand-stands, round-offs, back handsprings, aerials, and more!


Acro builds strength and control to execute a variety of skills with both safety and precision. Class focuses heavily on developing proper power and alignment to achieve goals. 


Boys and Girls: Shorts or leggings with tight-fitted tank or tee. No shoes or socks please. Hair up and secured out of face.



Breaking demonstrates different top-rock steps, floor footwork, freezes, and tricks the correct way.


Break dance is rooted in using the body and floor together to achieve impressive and difficult skills and tricks. The class breaks down movement step by step, teaching different drills and exercises so the dancer is equipped to execute tricks properly. 


Boys and Girls: Baggy clothing and sneakers.

*It is difficult to understand the feel of this form of dance in tight fitted clothing.*


Musical Theater

Our Musical Theater class combines Jazz dance techniques and character stage-acting to help dancers understand theatrical storytelling through dance.


The class begins with a short but thorough warm up, preparing the body and the face to perform. Dancers are then lead through across the floor progressions that are usually heavily stylized with Broadway type music.


Each class is finished with character dance choreography. This focuses on challenging the dancer via lip-syncing, exaggerated dancing/body language, and relating the story to the audience. 


Girls: Shorts or leggings, fitted tank or tee. Character shoes/heels are required. See teacher for details.


Boys: Shorts or pants, tank or tee. Jazz shoes.


Turns & Leaps

*Ballet and/or Jazz class recommended.

Turns class gives you all the tools needed to improve and amp up your all types of turns. Class will progress through core/back strengthening exercises, foot/ankle/leg stability work and balance and control training. Dancers will learn traveling turns, different types of pirouettes, extension turns, and fun and creative turn combinations! 

Leaps class gives the dancer the strength, power and repetition needed to achieve beautiful high leaps and jumps. This class is structured around strengthening feet, ankles and legs, working on proper technique to push off the floor and land safely. Leaps, turning leaps and jumps from all positions will be covered. 


Girls: Shorts or leggings, tight-fitted tank or tee. Jazz or lyrical shoes (Paws, half soles). Hair up and secured out of face.


Boys: Shorts, white tank top (boys “A shirt”). Jazz or lyrical shoes (Paws, half soles). 


Stretch & Strength

In Stretch & Strength, you'll improve flexibility, body alignment, and strength. This class trains heavily in cardio, builds strength by isolating specific muscle groups, and uses stretching to become a well-rounded athlete. Take this class to improve cardiovascular stamina, strength and flexibility. This class is recommended not only to cross train dancers, but athletes of any sport. 


Girls: Leggings or shorts with a tee or tank. No shoes. Hair up and secured out of face.


Boys: Shorts or athletic pants with a tee or tank. No shoes. 


Acting for Dancers

Acting for Dancers is a newer addition to our schedule. During this class, dancers will  work heavy on improvisation exercises and techniques  to enhance commitment and vulnerability on stage.


Monologues and small partner scenes are also explored so dancers can understand how much goes into developing a character, speaking or not! This class is a blast. It pushes movers out of their box so they can find better understanding of their craft. 

Girls and boys: Something comfortable to move in.

*Recommended pairing with Musical Theater class.*

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