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Adult classes
Welcome one and all.
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Our adult classes focus on building an environment of support and inclusion. Whether you're a beginner just getting into movement or a seasoned dancer shaking off the rust, our adult classes are fun and tailored to the individual. We offer classes in Tap and Hip-Hop, and our instructors are always happy to schedule a more personal one-on-one private lesson. No matter your style or skill level, there's a place for everyone in our adult class community. Give us a shout and let's groove!

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Adult Tap is a great class for the beginner to intermediate tapper. Whether Tap is something completely new to you or you're just trying to get back in the groove, we make sure every skill level has a place to learn and grow. We teach a variety of different tap steps, rhythm patterns, and combinations that build skill and greater understanding of


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Adult Ballet is the perfect class for those getting started or revisiting ballet again as an adult! This class will focus on alignment, foundation of technique, and movement

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Adult Hip-Hop is a blast for every type of dancer. We move through a short warm-up and continue to build on choreography every class. This class has an awesome communal feel that gives the dancer a place to work off some stress and play. 


About Element Adult Classes 

"The Adult Hip-Hop class at Element is a highlight to my week. I love to go in, do a warm-up, and learn some choreography. I get exercise and am able to de-stress thanks to this cool experience!" 

Kelley Gilbert

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